Collaboration with Netflix – Wednesday – The story behind the big screens

We all know that movies have the ability to transport us to different worlds, times, and places, and that’s why we love them so much. We’ve all experienced the magic of the big screen and how it can capture our hearts and minds. However, have you ever stopped to wonder how these movies are made? How are these stunning locations captured on camera? Well, wonder no more, we’re here to tell you about a story that is still being talked about.


With work commencing as early as 2021, we collaborated with the film production team of the movie Wednesday to create meshes (a 3D representation of buildings and objects) for some of the locations used in the popular series produced by Netflix. The project required extensive planning, special coordination skills, and dedicated technology to achieve the expected results.



Specialized in providing technical solutions when it comes to topographic surveys and 3D laser scanning, Xplorate Group has a team of professionals who use state-of-the-art technology to obtain precise and detailed results. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of clients and collaborators in every project we undertake, as well as providing solutions in any situation.

The film production team of Wednesday specializes in creating captivating movies and television shows. Their team consists of directors, cinematographers, writers, and producers who passionately tell a story, being directly interested in bringing the audience an authentic and engaging experience.

The collaboration with the Wednesday film production team had one goal in mind: to create a detailed 3D representation (mesh) for some iconic locations in Romania. These included Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni, the CFR Train Station in Constanța, the Greenhouses of the Botanical Garden in Bucharest, and the Buftea Film Studios. The locations were chosen for their historical significance and architectural beauty.

To achieve this goal, we used the Trimble TX8 scanner to collect 3D data, which helped us obtain detailed point clouds. Enormous details of these locations were captured, from the sculptures on the walls of Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni to the vibrant colors of the flowers in the Botanical Garden.



Once the data was collected, it was then processed using Reality Capture. Reality Capture is a software program that utilizes the latest photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms to create stunning 3D models. The program is capable of processing large data sets quickly and efficiently, allowing the team to create highly detailed 3D models of each location.

The final result of this collaboration was spectacular. The team managed to create a mesh for each location, and the elements captured in this way were used to create stunning visual effects and precise virtual elements.

Collaborating with the Wednesday film production team provided insight into the future of film and 3D laser scanning. Who knows what other possibilities exist for this type of collaboration? Perhaps we will see more stunning visual effects and precise details. In the future, we anticipate witnessing breathtaking visual effects with the help of 3D laser scanning.

The project was proof of the power of collaboration, technology, and innovative thinking. We are excited to see what the future holds for these industries and what other collaborations will arise.

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