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In a constantly changing society, real estate undergoes constant transformations. These changes may affect their form, size, destination and legal status. They can be the result of human activities, real estate transactions or natural phenomena.

The cadastre is an essential system of inventory and record of real estate properties and plays a fundamental role in identifying, understanding and presenting changes in the evolution of real estate, providing vital information for the planning and sustainable development of our community.

We provide complete cadastre and tabulation services:

Cadastral services for residential complexes.

We specialize in providing cadastral services for large residential projects, we have completed successfully so far and on time more than 380 medium and large residential projects. With reference to numbers, these projects add up to: over 18,000 individual units registered in the land book.

What do we bring on top? We know how important it is for a real estate developer to complete the project and start the sale process, so we commit ourselves to submit the cadastral documentation to OCPI within a maximum of 3 working days since obtaining the commissioning final report and the building permit of the construction.

We take steps on your behalf in the following situations:

Cadastral services offered

First registration in the land book

The first registration in the land book is the procedure by which a property located on the territory of the country is assigned a cadastral number and is registered in the land book, thus proving the existence of the registered real or personal right. Types of real estate properties for which the first registration in the land book is necessary:

The first registration operation in the land book is carried out only once for each property, the subsequent transaction does not require a “new cadastre”, it is sufficient to tabulate the ownership right in the land book.

Cadastral updates

This kind of operations is necessary for situations when the property technical data (part I of the land book) undergo changes:


Dismantlement is the operation by which a building registered in the land book is divided into several buildings, each building resulting from the dismantlement will receive a new cadastral number.


Annexing a real estate is a legal procedure by which two or more separate properties are joined to form a single new real estate property.

Technical opinions

The technical opnions represent planimetric and altimetric site plans taken into account by the Offices of Cadastre and Land Registration. These opinions are requested by the Mayors through the urban planning certificates issued. These are of several types:

Land registration projects

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