Topographic survey

Altimetric and planimetric topographic surveys. Real data from the field.

Any project has as a preliminary stage the execution of an altimetric and planimetric topographic survey. This ensures that the design is based on actual field data and that property boundaries are correctly represented. The site plans are designed in a local system of coordinates or in the national projection system Stereo 1970, reference plan Black Sea 1975.

Local authorities require such works to be approved by the territorial cadastre offices. Checking different works during execution is essential for cost analysis and for ensuring a correct path.

What does a topographic survey mean:

The technical documentation drawn up showing the real situation of the works in a field, necessary for the development of a topographical plan.

The site plans/topographic surveys represent a faithful image of the field that was measured. They are executed for: design or to obtain the opinions for the completion of PUG, PUZ, PUD and PAC plans. Depending on the topography and the size of the area to be studied in order to complete the site plans, we use: classic technology (total stations), satellite technology (GNSS receivers), photogrammetric technology (drone measurements) or 3D scanning.

Planimetric site plans: they are made at different scales depending on the density of the measured elements. They contain flat elements: roads, alleys, sidewalks, buildings, fences, property boundaries, vegetation and hydrography, as well as surface utility networks.

Planimetric and altimetric site plans: additionally contain altimetric elements, measuring points or level curves measured against a national reference plan (Black Sea 1975 – for Romania) or local system.

Site plans are delivered in physical and digital format: .dwg | .dxf files (AutoCad compatible) and .pdf files (Acrobat Reader compatible)

Technical documentation is required in the following circumstances:

Checking the works during the execution is essential to analyze the costs and to ensure that your project is on the right track, in this case we execute as-built topographic surveys upon which we compare the elements designed and those implemented.

Topographic survey projects

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