Construction behavior tracking in time

Monitoring settlements, displacements and cracks (both for the construction in progress and neighboring constructions)

It represents an extensive examination process to detect degradations that can lead to a decrease in the ability to operate the constructions in optimal safety conditions.

What are the benefits of these measurements:

Some of the stages completed within this type of project:

In terms of the investigations carried out, we distinguish:

Special monitoring

Special monitoring consists of regular and periodic investigations with regard to the specific parameters that characterize a construction or certain parts of it. These parameters are established since the design phase or following a technical expertise. The special tracking is carried out for a specific period, according to a project or a well-defined procedure (design theme), by specialized and certified technical personnel.

Current monitoring

Current tracking of constructions is done using direct visual monitoring techniques and simple measurement tools. These activities can be carried out both by owners, natural persons with technical training in construction, as well as by companies specialized in tracking the behavior of constructions over time.

Following the measurements, we provide a detailed report that includes a photographic survey, the location and description of the building, conclusions and recommendations.

As for the methods used to track the evolution of buildings and land over time, they can be divided into two main categories:

Physical methods: These methods involve placing measuring devices directly on or inside the investigated construction. The devices move with the construction, and relative displacements are generally measured by these methods.

Geometric (geodesic) methods: In this case, reference is made to the position of certain fixed points on the construction and refers to fixed points placed outside the area of influence of the factors affecting the constructions and the land on which they are located. These methods determine vertical, horizontal or spatial displacements in both absolute and relative terms

Special monitoring is divided into the following categories:


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