Settlements and cracks monitoring

Monitoring the behavior of constructions and land over time is a process of continuous surveillance and evaluation of changes that occur related to the built structures and land over time. This practice involves the use of specialized technologies and techniques to record, analyze and interpret changes and their evolution over a longer period of time.

The purpose of monitoring the operation of constructions and long-term investments is to assess their technical condition.

SETTLEMENTS MONITORING – the high-precision geometric leveling method is one of the most used methods in the study of vertical displacements of constructions and land.

Depending on the type and size of the studied construction, the geometric leveling network is created to monitor the settlements. The network includes:

Equipment and software used:

We apply the Trimble DiNi 03 digital level and invar leveling rods that grants a measurement accuracy of ± 0.3mm / double Km of leveling. The accuracy of determining individual settlements is of the order of ±0.02mm – 0.15mm.

To achieve this high degree of precision, the geometric leveling measurements (level differences) are compensated with specialized geodetic software. Each compensation report contains: the compensated values of the altitudes, as well as the standard deviations of determination, the level differences and the standard deviation of their determination, a statistical test to identify potential erroneous measurements.

Crack monitoring

It involves the periodic monitoring of the evolution of cracks occuring in different structures because of certain internal or external efforts. In each cycle of measurements, the following are measured: the length and depth of the crack and its width with high precision.

The measurements are carried out either by means of a plate graded in millimeters or with high-performance digital calipers that ensure precision of 2.3 hundredths of a millimeter. The textual documentation, handed over to the beneficiary for each set of measurements, is accompanied by digital photos of the cracks and graphics with the evolution of the opening variation.

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