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AACR is the abbreviation used for the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, and the opinion is a technical documentation that evaluates the degree to which a future construction may be an obstacle for air navigation or may affect flight safety on the territory and in the airspace of Romania.

This opinion is obtained following geodetic measurements executed in the national projection system (stereo 70/Black Sea 1975), but also in the ETRS 89 (WGS-84) ellipsoidal system used in aviation.

The purpose of this aeronautical endorsement is to clarify whether the future infrastructure and construction projects interfere or not with the Civil Aviation flight areas, depending on the opinion issued by AACR, certain restrictions may appear with regard to the location and heights of the future projects to be built.

The opinion issued by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority is an essential component of the urban planning certificate (when the property is located in an area with aeronautical servitude), its absence making it impossible to obtain all the necessary documentation to start the construction works.

It is particularly necessary for the development of urban plans such as P.U.D. (Detailed Urban Plan), P.U.Z.(Regional Urban Plan), P.U.G.(General Urban Plan), D.T.A.C.(Technical Documentation for obtaining the Building Permit) type and confirms that the proposed project does not affect the flight path of aircraft or ground-based radars.

This type of documentation is necessary particularly for buildings in close proximity to airports, even those of low heights, but it can also be requested in case of intention to build an objective at a point that could interfere with certain airspace paths.

In order to obtain the AACR opinion, it is necessary to draw up a technical documentation and carry out some checks by AACR accredited specialists, respectively ROMATSA, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable aeronautical regulations.

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