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Each software solution used within the company must be mentioned together with the benefits it brings following the following model:


Software for automatic monitoring of ANCPI files

Property Location

Software for locating points of interest on the territory of Romania


We guide ourselves by the motto “An informed person is a powerful person” (J.D. Rockefeller), which is also the fundamental principle of – a free information portal dedicated especially to cadastral or notarial offices.

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Property Location

A free service through which you can identify points of interest on the territory of Romania and beyond, using plane coordinates from the Stereographic 1970 or Stereographic 1930 system, as well as geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) from the WGS84 system (coordinates displayed by “GPS”).

Through this service, you have access to a variety of benefits:

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Sistem de coordonate: Coordinate system:
Nord Stereo '70: 
Est Stereo '70: 

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