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1. Land Check by Cadastral Number

Updated field information.


Each land is identified by a unique cadastral number. Using this number, we can provide detailed information about your land, including area, location, owner and any recorded encumbrances or restrictions in the cadastral records.

2. Cadastral Property Check

Accurate and complete data about your property.


We check the property registration in the cadastral records and provide information about the area, ownership structure, purpose and other relevant data.

3. Topographic Number Check

Essential details regarding location and configuration.


The topographic number is another important element in the correct identification of a land or a property. By providing the appropriate topographic number, we obtain accurate information about your property, including size, location, and other relevant characteristics.

4. Property Owner Check

You want to find out who owns a particular property?


We can conduct a check of the owner based on the information available in the cadastral records and other legal sources. We provide a detailed report on the registered owner of the property in question.

5. Property Cadastre Check

We ensure a thorough analysis of the cadastral situation of your property, providing you with clarity and transparency regarding cadastral documentation.

We verify cadastral information and provide you with updated details about any property. Contact us to get quality services and to ensure that you have the correct information about your property.

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