Land tracing

Definition ​

It represents the topographical operation through which the cadastral limit of a building is materialized on the field. We recommend this operation before signing the sale-purchase contract, thus ensuring the prevention of any subsequent disputes related to the position of the purchased land.

The tracing/staking operation of the land is performed by GNSS technology and total station, ending with the issuance of a tracing protocol issued by an authorized ANCPI (National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration) company.

Land staking

Land staking is a crucial step in the process of ensuring the accuracy and correctness of topographical measurements, contributing to the solid foundation of construction projects and other ground-based operations.

When is this service needed?

To start the cadastral boundary tracing operation, we need the following information:

  • The county and locality where the property is located.
  • The cadastral number of the property.

Based on the above information, we perform a check in the public database of OCPI (National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration) to determine whether:

  • The property is registered in the land book.
  • The projection system used was Stereo ’70 or Stereo ’30 local Bucharest.
  • The geometry of the property is available in the public database.

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