Survey engineering

Property boundary tracing, axis tracing, or checks during execution

The works of topographical engineering generally involve transposing the projected data into the field and checking the correctness of the executed elements.

What is survey engineering?

The term “engineering” highlights the fact that this branch of terrestrial measurements is related to the design, execution, exploitation of works and constructions. Within these types of works, high execution tolerances are required, therefore, the most modern measuring techniques are used, as well as the most accurate equipment.

To ensure consistency in execution, we recommend that the design of the constructions be carried out based on some site plans (topographic surveys) and the topographical profiles of the land.

The survey engineering includes:

Why should you opt for this type of service?

Topographic assistance services on construction site

The topographic assistance on the construction site represents all the works carried out on site, a “must-have” component for the entire duration of the execution of a project, which ensures the precision of accurate transposition of the designed elements into the field.
Topographic works are performed for the design, execution and exploitation of constructions and lands.

The most common tracing types:

1. Boundary tracing for the excavation
2. Tracing the designed position of piles, molded walls, concrete diaphragms
3. Tracing the axis of the project for each level
4. Tracing the 0-quota and other quotas in the project
5. Tracing quotas and formwork position
6. Positioning and checking the verticality of cranes and other work equipment
7. Daily checks of executed elements (reinforcements, formwork, pillars, diaphragms)
8. Tracing quotas for concrete leveling
9. Positioning of reinforcement and metal plates
10. Positioning and tracking verticality of metal or concrete pillars
11. Positioning of beams and checking the structural geometry
12. Calculation of excavation / filling volumes (earthworks volumes)
13. Elaboration of planimetric and altimetric site plan for design
14. Preparation and/or expansion of the planimetric and altimetric geodetic tracing network
15. Consulting services to clarify certain aspects related to the technical project.
16. Technical project review in terms of the elements to be traced / materialized
17. Tracing / materialization of the property boundary in accordance with the cadastral documentation
18. Tracing vertical systematization elements
19. Equipment positioning and alignment
20. Measurement and drafting of as-built site plans
21. Elaboration of tracing protocols (an integral part of the construction book)

Survey engineering projects

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