Interior mapping according to BOMA standard

EuroSurvey executes from interior mapping that certifies the surface inscribed in documents to 3D interior mapping for interior design projects, audio systems installation, or just a 3D as-built. If contracted, our service will help investors to make the most of the entire surface and to have a clear perspective of costs!
We can perform the calculation of surfaces according to the BOMA standard:

Industrial Buildings

Multi-unit residential Buildings

Retail Buildings

Mixed-use Properties

Office Buildings

Gross Area Measurements

What does the BOMA Standard mean?
The BOMA standard for office space measurement is the most commonly used measurement method for this kind of spaces and, though it is not mandatory, it is widely used throughout the world by office building owners, tenants, appraisers and real estate consultants. It can be used for any office building, irrespective of the construction year, its type or architectural design. The BOMA standards were developed for an efficient management of surfaces and costs associated with an immovable property subject to lease. This standard refers to office buildings, retail, residential, industrial, but also mixed-use projects. It is very important for an investor to know clearly the leasable area of ​​the building, of each level, but also the amount of common spaces. The costs for this kind of works are considered per m2 built and may vary depending on the project size. There are situations where you only want to know the area of the apartment you are to buy or of the space that you want to rent. The BOMA standard delivers support not only to building developers and facility managers, but also to tenants, in terms of leasable area calculation of the entire building; there are thus avoided unjustifiable rent charges resulting from the reconfiguration of interior spaces and common areas.
Eurosurvey renders complete services for determining the surfaces according to the BOMA standard, being the most used standard for quantifying leasable surfaces, commercial premises, offices, office buildings, industrial buildings, retail and storage premises. Measuring interior surveys according to the BOMA standard allows owners to clearly establish the profitable area of a building, take advantage of it and correctly estimate the profit.

Interior measurements

The essential part in the elaboration of intervention projects on an apartment: restorations, restorations, arrangements, transformations, having a practical purpose, highlighting elements of architectural significance, being able to be used both in furnishing the space and in calculating the necessary material (in the case of an interior design). You can find out the price of a survey for an apartment by accessing the Eurosurvey website.

BOMA real estate survey

Dedicated to the managers of commercial spaces, offices and industrial buildings, for which the correct determination of the leasable area of ​​each level and the amount of common spaces has a direct impact on rental costs.

BOMA survey of buildings under construction

Transposing the lens into a digital model using Trimble TX 8 3D scanning creates BOMA internal surveys that :

  • They allow the monitoring of the construction evolution;
  • Indicates possible structural deviations;
  • They allow the synchronization of architects, designers and builders;
  • Creates level plans (2D surveys) necessary for survey and real estate registration;
  • Allow the implementation of safe operating rules (hall location, exits, entrances).


Interior mapping according to BOMA standard

Topographic survey, 3D laser scanning - floor flatness, cross sections, interior mapping according to BOMA standard, land registration, topographic elevation and planimetric survey, altimetric and planimetric survey.

Interior mapping according to BOMA standards, construction behavior tracking in time, topographic survey, topographic assistance on site

3D survey site study /floor flatness / floor plans /determining BOMA rentable spaces

Interior measurements 60,000 sqm and calculation of rentable areas according to BOMA standard

Project with the Eurosurvey team’s multiple engagement Topographic surveying for design Topographic assistance on site – execution Tracking the behavior in time of the executed an

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