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A BOMA survey is necessary, since it accurately establishes (according to an accepted international standard) what is the rentable area of a residential, office, retail and industrial building.

This information is important in determining the exact area to be made available to the tenant.

Needed worldwide for owners, tenants, appraisers, real estate consultants.

Calculation of areas according to BOMA standard:

Office Buildings

Industrial Buildings

Multi-unit residential Buildings

Retail Buildings

Mixed-use Properties

Gross Area Measurements

BOMA standard not only serves the building developers and managers, but also the residents, by calculating the rentable area for the entire building, thus avoiding an unjustified rent charge resulting from the reconfiguration of interior spaces and areas of common use.

What does BOMA standard mean?

BOMA stands for Building Owners and Managers Association.
BOMA is a universal standard through which the characteristic dimensions and surfaces of some buildings can be accurately and reliably determined, regardless of the year of construction, architecture or design. From office spaces to common areas, BOMA has it all covered!

Apartment Survey

Key element in the approach of apartment renovation projects (renovations, restorations, improvements or transformations)

In the planning process of apartment renovations, special emphasis is placed on functionality and on highlighting the particular architectural elements. These projects are designed to fit perfectly into the interior design and, at the same time, to help estimate the necessary materials when you want to renovate the living space.

Real Estate Survey

Dedicated to managers of commercial premises, offices and industrial buildings, for which the correct determination of the rentable area of each level and the amount of common spaces has a direct impact on rental costs.

Construction Survey

BOMA standard is not mandatory, but it is an important advantage in terms of managing the areas and costs of a property to be sold or rented.
The objective transposition into a digital model using 3D scanning and creating BOMA interior surveys facilitates:

BOMA Survey projects

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