Fundulea Silo

Location: Fundulea, Călărași

Objective: Floor plans and facades for determining verticality, georeferencing, construction behavior tracking in time

Deliverables : 3 floor plans, 4 facades

Scanning area: 570 sqm

Equipment used: Trimble TX8, Nivelă Trimble DiNi 03, Mira Invar

Eurosurvey team3 land surveyors with experience in 3D scanning and engineering topography/  1 land surveyor with experience in point cloud processing

Workflow (office and on-site):

  • Installation of compaction marks (11) according to the design theme
  • Installation of at least 3 reference parts located outside the area of ​​influence of new constructions
  • Determining the positioning of the scanning stations as well as the resolution used according to the necessary degree of detail imposed by the design theme
  • The connection of the positioned stations was made on the basis of spherical targets – to ensure a millimeter precision. A total of 25 3D laser scanning stations were completed
  • The point cloud recording was done with the Trimble RealWorks program with an overall deviation of 1.2 mm (overall cloud-to-cloud error)
  • Recording the point cloud and placing it into the Stereographic 70
  • Extract horizontal sections and facades from the point cloud using AutoCAD software.