Novum Politehnica

Location: Bucharest, 6th District

Objective: Construction behavior tracking in time of the executed and neighboring constructions, land and construction registration, documentation to declare subdivision into flats, land dismantling

Equipment used:  Trimble’s DiNi Level DiNi 03, Mira Invar

Eurosurvey team: 3 surveyors with experience in drawing elements and making such measurements.

Workflow (office and on-site):

  • Acquisition of site located in Bucharest
  • Installation of compaction marks (11) according to the design theme+15 constructions executed according to the design theme
  • Installation of at least 3 reference parts located outside the area of ​​influence of new constructions;
  • Establishing the positioning of the stations for achieving the middle geometric leveling (gates equal to and less than 20 m)
  • Performing leveling measurements
  • Post processing of data obtained in the field with the help of specialized software
  • Extraction of data obtained after processing and creation of a summary table (.xls) and a graph of the placement of placed marks
  • 157 apartments, 406 individual units.