Wednesday – Mesh for special effects

Deliverable: Mesh for special effects

Locations: the Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni, the Royal Railway Station in Sinaia, the greenhouses at the Botanical Garden in Bucharest and the Buftea plateau in Bucharest.

Equipment used: Trimble TX8

Team: 4 land surveyors with experience in 3D scanning and meshes


  • the creation of meshes in specialized software constituted the working basis for multiple frames captured in the Wednesday series and the point cloud registration was done in Trimble Real Works.
  • determining the positioning of the scanning stations as well as the resolution used according to the degree of detail required by the design theme
  • the linking of the previously positioned stations was carried out on the basis of scanned common plans (common plans are represented by: floor, ceiling, partition walls)
  • Through 3D laser scanning, we delivered point clouds in various formats and textured meshes of the film sets, essential for generating special effects for many scenes in the series