Plan of delimitation

What is the plan of delimitation?

The plan of delimitation (PAD) is a technical document that establishes the real situation in the field by determining the boundaries and areas of land and/or buildings based on measurements. It is drawn up by an authorized person.

The PAD is issued for the preparation of topographic and cadastral documentation required for projects and studies in the field of construction, urban and country planning, the plan of delimitation completes the documentation requested by the local public administration for the issuance of issuing permits, certificates and legal authorization, as well as for the settlement addressing issues related to property establishment or reconstitution.

It may also be drawn up to serve for the non-definitive entry in the land register of legal acts and facts relating to land and buildings located in an administrative territory for which the general land register documents have not yet been finalised, the entry in the registers of entries and transcriptions of legal acts and facts relating to real estate located in an administrative territory in which the land register system has not yet been introduced, or the settlement of disputes about the correctness and accuracy of data relating to immovable property.

Regularly updated as part of registration work, it is a technical document drawn up in the Stereographic 1970 system containing details of the boundaries of buildings, permanent constructions, cadastral/land register number, property address, category of land use, administrative territorial unit, etc

Obtaining a plan and delimitation of a building

Before starting any construction, it is essential to obtain a plan of delimitation. This is a graphic representation showing the exact location of a building, property boundaries, including exact lot dimensions, parking areas and other features within the work area.

Obtaining a plan of delimitation involves conducting a land survey to determine the exact boundaries of a property. This survey provides an accurate picture of the property boundaries and it is essential to ensure that there are no trespass on neighbouring properties or that the building is not constructed outside the property boundaries.

The plan of delimitation includes elements such as:

  • terrain sketch, point coordinates
  • building surface
  • category of land use
  • address
  • details of the buildings
  • land details of the and/or building.

Land demarcation is the process of identifying and defining the boundaries of a property. It is a precise plan that identifies the exact location of property boundaries.

Using precise survey techniques, the Eurosurvey team ensures that a plan of demolition is drawn up, which can aim to remove disputes or legal issues relating to property lines or building construction. In general, this plan plays an essential role in obtaining permits and approvals.

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