Certificate of construction compliance

What is the certificate of construction compliance?

The certificate of construction compliance issued by the local authority, which issued the building permit, is an administrative document attesting that the construction has been carried out in accordance with the building permit and that there is a completion inspection report. The document is requested by the Land Registry and Real Estate Publicity Office.

When and why is the certificate of compliance requested?

When registering a building after its completion and inspection. In case of extensions or interior modifications of a building. For buildings where the completion inspection was carried out before 2016 (when the certificate of construction compliance became mandatory), a document proving the lack of necessity for it will be required. For registering buildings constructed before 2001 without a building permit. For the subdivision of collective residential buildings.

In the case of wanting to register an old building constructed without a building permit before 2001, an engineering expertise is required to verify compliance with fundamental quality standards in construction, accompanied by cadastral documentation.

According to current legislation, the completion inspection of buildings is no longer the responsibility of municipal representatives. It is carried out by a team of specialists in the construction field (civil engineers, site managers, architects, etc.), and the inspection report issued by them receives a registration number from the competent local authority, which then issues the certificate of construction compliance.

For the issuance of the certificate, the competent local authority requests a topographic plan executed by a person authorized by ANCPI-OCPI, based on the measurements carried out on the field.

The absence of this certificate of compliance leads to the impossibility of registering the building.

Documents required for the issuance of the certificate of construction compliance may vary slightly from one local authority to another, but generally include the following:

  • Standard application for certificate issuance – original
  • Building permit – copy
  • Plans attached to the building permit, endorsed for no further changes – copy
  • Completion inspection report – copy
  • Updated extract from the land registry – copy
  • Site plan prepared by a person authorized by ANCPI-OCPI – original
  • Post-execution surveys conducted by a person authorized by ANCPI-OCPI – original
  • Owners’ identification documents – original
  • Deed of ownership – copy
  • Power of attorney or notarized authorization, if the owner is represented by a third party

How can Xplorate Group help?

Specializing in topographic measurements, land registration and 3D laser scanning, the team of experts at Xplorate Group can conduct topographic measurements for you using state-of-the-art instruments, and the resulting site plan and post-execution surveys are necessary for obtaining the certificate of construction compliance.

The site plan will include:

  • Ground footprint of the building
  • Built-up area
  • Height regime
  • Positioning in coordinates
  • Building setbacks from property boundaries

And will be stamped by the person authorized by ANCPI-OCPI.

We are at your disposal with over 18 years of experience in preparing technical documentation for cadastre and registration, topographic surveys, survey engineering, construction monitoring and interior surveys in accordance with the Boma standard.

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