Urbanism certificate – What is it and when do you need it?

What is an urbanism certificate?

The urbanism certificate is an informative document that provides the applicant with information regarding the legal, economic, and technical regime of the property, the characteristics of the area where the property is located (site), the urban planning requirements to be met, as well as the list of approvals and agreements required for the authorization of construction works. The urbanism certificate is drawn up in accordance with the provisions of urban planning documents (General Urban Plan, Zonal Urban Plan, Detailed Urban Plan) or territorial planning plans, approved according to the law, for the territory where the property is located, as well as other regulations in the field.

Why do we need such a certificate?

The urbanism certificate is primarily issued for the authorization of construction works and related installations, but also for the demolition of constructions. In the case of selling or purchasing properties, the urbanism certificate provides important information about the urbanistic consequences of the legal transaction. In this case, the request for the urbanism certificate is optional. The urbanism certificate can also be requested for leasing lands, partitioning, merging, or detachment of parcels for the purpose of construction works or infrastructure and establishing a right of way regarding a property.

How to request one?

 The urbanism certificate is issued at the request of any applicant, natural or legal person, who may be interested in knowing the data and regulations to which the respective property is subject. The necessary documents are obtained from the beneficiary, namely OCPI (the Land Registry Office). Usually, the required documents include excerpts from the land book, topographic plans 1:500 and 1:2000, endorsed by the Land Registry Office.

Documents required for obtaining the urbanism certificate:

  • ID/Company Registration Certificate/Tax Identification Number of the owner and authorized person – copy
  • Notarized Power of Attorney / Authorization – original
  • Ownership documents – copy
  • Existing cadastral documentation, endorsed by the Land Registry Office – copy
  • Registry closure document, if applicable – copy
  • Land book extract for information purposes, if applicable (can also be requested by the contractor) – copy
  • Site plan at a scale of 1:500 and/or 1:2000 and/or 1:5000 – requested by the contractor – original • Cadastral plan excerpt on orthophoto plan (if applicable) – requested by the contractor – original
  • Application for the issuance of the urbanism certificate – original
  • Proposal for detachment/attachment – prepared by the contractor – 3 original copies.

OCPI Document Retrieval Term:

  • 5 working days – in normal regime
  • 2 working days – in urgent regime

Validity of the urbanism certificate:

The issuer of the urbanism certificate establishes the validity period for a period ranging from 6 to 24 months from the date of issuance, depending on:

▪ the complexity of the investment and the urbanistic characteristics of the area where the property is located;

 ▪ the purpose for which it was requested;

▪ maintaining the validity of urban planning documents and approved territorial planning plans for the requested property.

What other documents can you obtain with our help:

  1. Urbanism certificate for • o construction works o extravilan land o Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ) o change of destination for a space o information
  2. Energy performance certificates for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces
  3. Construction certificates
  4. Fiscal role update
  5. Obtaining certificates from the town hall
  6. AACR approvals.

How can Xplorate Group help you?

 In starting construction projects, documentation plays an essential role. However, obtaining it requires a lot of time, and the necessary processes can be fraught with numerous obstacles if you do not have the necessary experience working with state institutions. In this regard, to expedite the steps, you can confidently request our services. We will help you initiate the procedures for obtaining OCPI BCPI documents and will take care of each stage so that, in the end, we deliver the complete file. With Xplorate Group, bureaucracy is not an obstacle, regardless of the procedure that needs to be implemented!

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