Topographical plan – What is it and how does it help us?

What is the topographic plan, definition on everyone’s understanding?

The topographic plan is defined as a graphic representation of an area of land on a conventional scale, a technical drawing drawn up for the purpose of orthogonally projecting points on the earth’s surface.
The topographic scale is the ratio between a distance measured on the plan and its correspondence on the ground.
Topographical plans drawn up by an engineer at scales of 1:200, 1:500; 1:1000; 1:2000; 1:5000 faithfully represent the geometric shape and dimensions of features in the terrain.
The topographical plan must include the dimensions of the terrain, the dimensions which help to identify the construction and its dimensions on the ground.
In Romania the topographic plan is drawn up in the Stereographic 1970 projection system and in the Black Sea 1975 reference system


When do we need a topographical plan?

The need to draw up a topographical situation plan arises when a general urban plan (P.U.G.), zoning plan (P.U.Z.) or detailed plan (P.U.D.) is drawn up and when documentation is submitted with a view to authorising construction/demolition work (D.T.A.C./D.T.A.D.).

How many kinds of topographical plans are there?

– planimetric (when the plan position of the points on the analyzed surface is determined)

– altimetric (when the vertical position/altitude of the identified points is determined)

How much does a topographical plan cost?

Topographic plans are made by a topographic survey carried out with a total station or GPS, and the mobilisation of a team of professionals entails costs that we can estimate depending on the specifics of the work.

Who makes the topographical plan?

The topographical plans are drawn up by authorised firms and may be endorsed by the Land Registry and Real Estate Publicity Office of the territory in which the building under study is located, depending on the requirements of the project.

How can Eurosurvey help you?

With significant experience in the area of topographical surveys and the preparation of topographical plans in order to obtain approvals for land use plans, zoning plans, development plans, D.T.A.C./D.T.A.D., Eurosurvey differentiates itself by approaching each project with the same professionalism and enthusiasm regardless of its size.

We provide our clients with a team of professionals determined to deliver results at the highest quality standards and our experience of previous projects recommends us as specialists for the preparation of different types of topographical plans.

We are at your disposal for drawing up topographic plans for:

– drawing up urban planning documents (P.U.G., P.U.Z., P.U.D., D.T.A.C./D.T.A.D.)
– design and rehabilitation of utility networks (gas, water, sewerage, electricity)
– design and feasibility studies
– industrial platforms
– archaeological sites

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